February 23, 2008

Open Theism and Prayer Part 3

This is the personal testimony of Scott Abbott, a person with Muscular Dystrophy. Scott has countless personal experiences that illustrate the principles that Greg Boyd has spoken on about in the previous two sermons I posted here on my blog. Scott has personally wrestled with questions about why some prayers are answered and others are not – most fundamentally related to why he himself hasn’t been healed. I hope this touches you as much as it did me. Sometimes we don't always get to see what's occurring "behind the scenes" spiritually, but rather we need and should trust in our Heavenly Father and understand that in the end he truly loves us. As you will see from Scott's testimony, as Christians we must always be prepared to explain why bad things happen in this fallen world. But most importantly we must do so in a manner that does not impugn the character of God, nor one that will possibly bring added pain or confusion to that person's situation.

February 20, 2008

Open Theism and Prayer - Part 2.

Here is the 2nd part of Greg Boyd's sermon "Scorpion, Egg and Prayer - Part 2". This is again a truly wonderful sermon that Dr. Boyd gives revealing not only the intent and purpose of prayer, but also explains why in some instance prayers are not always answered. If your a Christian who is having difficulty in understanding "God's Will" or why are prayers not always answered, this sermon will truly give you spiritual wisdom and insight on this particular subject. This sermon tackles many of the pat answers Christians so often give to hurting people, that so often repulse people or just brings added confusion to their situation.