December 10, 2007

A Wonderful Comparison

Yesterday I mentioned a Podcast by Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias that I had been listening to last week. In this Podcast Ravi mentions Dr. Francis Collins who is one of two doctors responsible for mapping the human genome. Dr. Francis gives lectures whereby he shows the above picture showing an amazing comparison and shares his faith in God. On the right hand side is a photo of a strand of human DNA along its axis (double helix). On the left hand side is a photo of the Rose Window at York Minster Cathedral.

Both have beautiful detailed design. Both have complex mathematical and geometrical design. Clearly someone would never look at the photo of the window and assume this occurred by randomness. Because of the amazing design of this window and vast selection of colors and shapes, one would come to the logical conclusion that this was made by human hands. It was made with a design in mind and calculated intelligence. But yet when we look at something a thousand times more complex as the Double Helix of human DNA, most people would say this happened as a result of chance, it happen by accident or it evolved. Clearly, when we see both images side-by-side we see two items that have been clearly made by intelligence designers. When I read of what goes into making up the sequenced data within a single strand DNA, I think to myself how can anyone come to the logical assumption that this all happened by random chance? We would never make the assumption that the window just evolved or fell into place by chance - what an absurdity!

When I see the creativity that God possesses and the depths He has gone to show every person his existence is overwhelming. I am so thankful we do not have a God who is shrouding himself in mystery as many people would claim. When I see something like this picture of DNA I think what depths God has gone to show us who he truly is! God truly is reaching out to man and saying Here am I! Know me and Love me for who I am - not what I am. I love God for his creativity and for allowing us to see his wonderful and amazing creation before us. He is a God who says "use the very logic and reason I have given you and you will plainly see I am here and I am real and alive". When we think God is somehow mysterious and can not be known, then what are we really saying about God? I think of the depths God has gone to by sending his son Jesus to show all of humanity just who He is and openly displaying for all of man to see his character. Jesus said "If you see me you also see the Father". Was Jesus ever mysterious? Was Jesus ever being coy with those around him so they would be unable to truly know him? Not at all! Just as God has displayed his intelligence and creativity in the things of this world, he also has shown us his character through his Son Jesus Christ. God has made it possible for you to know him and have a relationship with him. Have you met the Savior this day? If not, I would urge you to seek after him and to know him. For He is a loving and merciful and a creative God!

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