January 17, 2008

The Stones Cry Out!

Today it was announced in the Jerusalem Post that a 2,500 years old seal from the first Hebrew Temple had been found during an archaeological dig in Jerusalem's City of David. The amazing discovery however was that on the seal was etched the Hebrew family name "Temech". This is a very significant discovery because this family is specificially mentioned in Nehemiah 7 as one of the families who were servants of the Temple. In Nehemiah 7:6 it mentions that this is one of the families that left Babylonian captivity under King
Nebuchadnezzar and returned back to Jerusalem. This family is one of families who worked as servants within the Temple. It specifically mentions this family in Neh 7:55 (Note: that in the KJV it says Temah - but this is a translation issue and in the Masoratic text is is Temech).

The really cool thing about this seal is it not only mentions the family's name specifically, but it also shows two Hebrew priest praying over the alter of incense. This is just a tremendous find for not only the Jews but for Christians as well. For those skeptics that say the Bible is just a book full of stories, are starting to be confronted with the facts that the Bible is truly the Word of God and they are running out of excuses. I really think these types of finds are final attempts to show the world in a small way that His Word is true and man needs to turn to God.

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