March 23, 2008

The Myth of Original Sin

I thought I would share with everyone a paper that I recently received from fellow Christ Follower, Mike Desario. Mike has written a very informative paper on the myth of Original Sin and Total Depravity. For some who visit this blog, it will be information that you might already be familiar with. But for many, this information will be a shocking revelation regarding this doctrine, that for hundreds of years has been held tightly as orthodoxy. But if one takes the time and is honest in their discovery of this information, it will be very alarming and possibly an awakening to the truth. I encourage you to take the time to read this informative piece and to not just take Mike's word on this subject, but to check the references he uses and determine for yourself if what he says is indeed true. Click on the link below to read the full paper:

Myth of Original Sin


Betsy said...

Thanks again for the comment and returning to my blog. I will read this article, it sounds interesting.

I will never forget when I had the armenian view and we had just started attending a new non-denominational church. My sons teacher asked the kids about what happens to babies when they die. My son told him that they go to Heaven, and the man told him no. God would have known what type of person that baby would have become and how he lived his life. That baby would go to Hell if he never would have been saved. I was very shocked when he told me this! I was actually new to the Calvinist teaching and had no idea people thought such things!

Preston N said...


Hope you enjoy the paper and let me know your thoughts or any feedback is appreciated. Original Sin and Total Depravity are doctrines that most people hold on, but unless your a Calvinist they really don't make much sense (systematically speaking of course!). I call this "illusional theology". Doctrines are based on a particular Biblical view. As that Biblical view is in vogue (ie. Calvinism), the doctrines that it establishes becomes “traditional”, however that Biblical view falls out of favor, but the doctrines it created lives on. People accept the doctrines as truth because of historical precedent, but never realize that they have rejected the Biblical view that originally established it. This is the case with Original Sin or Total Depravity, unless your a Calvinist they really don't make much sense - not to mention they really have no basis in scripture either.