July 21, 2008

XXXChurch VS One Coureagous Christ Follower

In a time where false doctrines such as Calvinism and Universalism have almost spiritually bankrupted the church, there are times where courageous men and women do step forward to rebuke or exhort those who are out in the public forum promoting such false doctrines.

The following video is an exchange between a group growing in recent popularity known as The XXXChurch.com and one lone Christ follower. This "ministry" drive around the country promoting their "Christian" website that supposedly exposes the dangers of pornography. The only problem is their website gives the appearance of a actually embracing porn rather than telling people to repent from it. Some of their tactics include putting up a 30 ft inflatable penis in front of churches to promote their ministry! They also go to Adult Porn Industry conventions and hand out "The Message" bible that says "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" on the cover (rather than preaching the gospel they feel by just handing out bibles this alone will bring people to repentance. I guess this is taking "Sola Scriptura" to a whole new level!). You can see another example of their so called "Christian" tactics here. Again on this video they are confronted by some street preachers that tell them their tactics are neither biblical nor honoring the death of Christ and that they need to turn from sin and not embrace this poison of pornography. Let's keep one thing in mind here folks and that is the bible says that it is only through coming to the realization of our sins and allowing that realization to bring us to a point of brokenness, that will led people to repentance.

The following video is what I consider true Christian courage. How many of us would be so bold to confront someone in public of promoting such a false doctrine? I want you to pay particular attention to what the guy from XXXChurch says when confronted about sin - he says he "sins everyday" and that "He Can't help but sin". This guy is simply regurgitating what he has been taught and that is he is "Totally Depraved" and that sin is not a choice but something he is born with - Original Sin. It is the product of Calvinism we have to thank for this type of "ministry" as we can so these folks are simply taking their theology to their logical conclusion and that is one can sin in word thought and deed daily - simply because they have born that way and can not change the will of their hearts and minds. This type of stuff will not end until we as believers start rebuking this false teaching that sin is a birth defect rather than a moral choice.


Nathan said...

This is a great video.

The guys who run the XXX church thingy attend Rob Bell's church. They mildly discourage people from involvement in pornography yet they say and do vulgar things in their ministry.

If the wicked constantly praise you for your ministry efforts, then you can be assured that you are on the wrong side of the battle.

Preston N said...

Nathan - Thanks for the comments. You bring up a very valid point. Jesus specifically tells us that the world will hate us because of him. When we see people in the actual porno industry embracing these guys, then you can be rest assured this is not of God. As I like to say it gives the appearance of being "holy" but lacks conviction and repentance.

Nathan said...

Even pervert porno freaks like Jesus... as long as he doesn't tell them what to do. They'll even call themselves Christians. But they want to be porno christians. When homosexuals parade their perversion on the streets, it never fails that thousands of them wear pins and stickers that say, "I'm a part of God's diversity."

And Preston, you are right that calvinists arm these people to the teeth with excuses for their sin. Why should anyone feel sorrow or guilt for their sin if it is an inevitable consequence of being born.

Jay D. said...

It is ashame that so many Christians today can not grasp the concept that it is not the METHOD that is sacred it is the MESSAGE that is sacred. XXXChurch does not exists for you or the sincere yet misguided "Courageous Christ Follower" in the video.

Your comment "When we see people in the actual porno industry embracing these guys, then rest assured this is not of God" shows how much you do not grasp what the purpose of this ministry is. There purpose is to reach those very people. I see this as no different then when Jesus spoke to the Samaritian woman at the well in John 4 or when Jesus dined with sinners in Matthew 9:9-13. I think Jesus' response to XXXChurch would probably best be summed up by his response to the Pharisees in verse 12 of Matthew 9, "But when Jesus heard this, He said, "It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick."

The second part of verse 13 as well, "I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners." They did not create this ministry for you but for those who are bound by pornography. You can dislike their marketing techniques, but you have no right to judge whether these men are hearing from God or if the souls they reach are any less important than the ones you reach.

jay D. said...

One more thing, the kid in the video is obviously over matched in his ability to debate with the "Courageous Christ Follower." Don't judge an entire ministry by one kids inability to accurately express himself.

Nathan said...

Jay, The primary concern we have with these guys is their message. Their vulgar marketing techniques notwithstanding. Their primary message is "Jesus Loves Pornstars." That's it. Telling people "Jesus loves Pornstars" is actually a vicious lie and works only to draw these people closer to hell. Jesus actually HATES porn stars and will justly destroy them for all the lives they've destroyed and marriages they've broken. The correct follow-up message is that Jesus loves them enough to forgive them, IF THEY REPENT. You will never hear the correct gospel message come from the lips of someone at the XXXChurch ministry.

Preston N said...

Jay - a couple of things. First, we need to ask ourselves do we really think it would be pleasing to a Holy God that people are using the following methods to tell people about the gospel? Do we ever historically see the apostles use such tactics?? Do we really thing that Jesus would be pleased that men are using a 30ft infaltable phallic symbol to advertise the gospel? Would Jesus allow unrepentant pagan Pornstars and Directors to aid in the spread of his gospel!? Would Jesus or the Apostles sensationalize the gospel by using porn related trademarks, slogans and language to promote and attract people to the gospel? When I read God's Word I see a clear answer - NO!

Th other thing to remember here Jay is that the emphasis XXXChurch is making is on a "man centered" gospel. The point of the gospel is NOT that God loves sinners - but that SINNERS REPENT AND LOVE GOD because "HE FIRST LOVED US!". Jesus says that the greatest commandment is to "Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and might", but yet all I hear XXXChurch tell folks is that Jesus loves them - and that is true, but God will not tolerate unloving hearts within his Kingdom and that is exaclty what porn and lust is - its unloving. Jay - indeed Jesus ate with sinners, but let us not forget that he also told those same people that they must "repent of their sins" or they will find themselves in Hell seperated from God for all eternity.

PS - Your remark about the young man's inexperience is also another tell-tale sign that XXXChurch lacks spiritual maturity, by allowing someone who clearly doesn't have a firm grasp of the gospel - maybe his time would be better spent at home studying his bible before venturing out to "preach" the gospel.

Nathan said...

It's interesting that you would ask us not to judge this ministry by one kid's inability to express himself.

This video was published by none other than the XXXChurch people themselves. They are proud of this kid's response to the "crazy Christian man." Thus judging the ministry by this video is entirely appropriate.