November 27, 2007

Are You a Functioning Open Theist?

I have to give credit here to my good friend Bruce for coming up with this questionnaire. Take a few minutes to answer these questions and you might be surprised in how you answer!

True or False?

  1. In grace, God grants humans significant freedom to accept or reject His desires and plans for their life.

  1. God enters into authentic, give and take relationships with us.

  1. The Christian life involves genuine interaction between God and human beings.

  1. We respond to God's gracious initiatives and God responds to our responses.

  1. God is endlessly resourceful and competent in working toward his ultimate goals. Nothing can thwart His plans.

  1. Sometimes God alone decides how to accomplish His goals. On most occasions however, God works with human decisions, adapting his own plans in response to our free will.

  1. God does not control everything that happens. Rather, he is open to receiving input from his creatures. In loving dialogue, God invites us to participate with him to bring the future into being.

  1. God can alter his course, and at times, does so in response to our prayers and actions.

  1. It is God’s desire that we know and love Him.

  1. God desires all to be saved, but our eternal destiny is up to us.

If you have a significant amount of “Yes” answers, then you are a functioning Open Theist. You may not mentally ascribe to the theology, but you live and think as though you do.

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