November 27, 2007

Fingerprint of Creation

I thought I would take an opportunity to promote a video I picked up at the Creation Museum this past summer. This video is about the discovery of Polonium 210 radio halos that are found in granite. What's so amazing about this? Its microscopic scientific evidence that appears to undenyingly support the instantaneous creation of the earth's foundation rocks - the granites. Since Polonium has only a half life of a few seconds - these halos should not be found in rocks that "evolved" over billions of years. But yet they are. This is evidence that foundational rocks such as granite, were created instantaneous.

Scientist: Robert Gentry
Total Running Time: 33 Min


scripto said...

You might want to check this out for some more accurate information:

Preston N said...

I would sugest you check out the following website as Mr. Gentry addresses these issues and concerns: