April 13, 2008

Would You Work For This Company?

The following company is currently hiring "managers" for various positions at several of its worldwide branches. Now before you apply for this company they want you to be aware that this job has several downsides, well to be honest the company has a warning about the hazards of taking this job and what lays before you (and for your family) if you so choose to accept this job. First, realize that the job itself is not necessarily the issue, but its how the company is managed and organized that is the issue here. Here a just a few of the "risk" involved in working for this company:
      • 1,500 "managers" leave this "company"each month due to ethics violations, burnout or contention within the "company".
  • 80% of "managers" and eighty-four percent of their spouses feel unqualified and discouraged in their role as "managers".
  • 50% of "managers" are so discouraged that they would leave the "company" if they could, but have no other way of making a living.
  • 80% of "managers" said their greatest problem is they are sick and tired of dealing with problem people, such as disgruntled employees, co-workers, board members, and associate "managers".
  • 90% said the hardest thing about the "company" is dealing with uncooperative people who work or are affiliated with the "Company".
Also, if you decide to work for this "company" realize that you run a higher rate of divorce than other so called management occupations. Here are some statistics of wives of "managers" who work for the "company":
  • 80% of managers spouses surveyed felt their spouse is overworked who work for this "company".
  • 80% of wives feel left out and unappreciated by the fellow company members.
  • 80% of managers spouses wish their spouse would choose another profession.
  • 80% of managers wives feel pressured to do things and be something they are really not.
  • 80% of "managers" felt their families had been negatively impacted by the "company"
  • 33% consider the "company" to be an outright hazard to their families
Before I reveal what "company" this is, I must first ask this question. Would we ever want to work for this "company" knowing the risk that the occupation will bring not only to myself or to my family? Second, does this "company" sound like it's work environment is a healthy one? Does this company need to seriously change how it operates or desperately need a better Human Resources Department? Does it sound like the people working at this company are looking out for its employees and managers? I have worked for my company for almost 10 years and I must say I have had some bad days at work, but even then I have never had these types of concerns working there? So where is this company? Is it some fortune 500 company? Is it the Government? The Military? Is it some Multi-billion dollar company?


The "manager" position is actually the position of Pastor or Reverend.

So I ask this question. If these are the present day statistics of the modern day church - just how different is it from the corporate secular world? Better, Worse or the Same? Should being an "employee" for God have such destructive results on our family and children? Does this seem like a position that is exuding benevolence or does it seem somewhat hypocritical? As an non-believer would you want to "join" this company? When I read of these destructive statistis I am even more alarmed of the comments or attitude the church has on these statistics. Clearly, if we would have read these statistics from a secular point of view, we would have said "this company clearly has some management and leadership issues and the infrastructure of this company needs to be desperately changed." But as Christians, we seem to think that its not the structure or the organization that is the problem, but we tend to say "Oh the members just really need to step up more and support the leadership" or the more apathetic response "Oh these are issues that the church has been dealing with for centuries and this is just really the way it is". Really?! My point in all of this is just to show how horribly maligned the church structure really is. If one really researches the scriptures the church was NEVER supposed to look and feel the way it is today. As a good friend of mine once told me "Preston, the only difference between the churches of today and the Pharisees of 2,000 years ago - is our "priest" no longer wear robes, but suits or Hawaiian shirts!"

Sadly, it seems that the modern day church is really nothing more than "catholic lite" if you will. The model we have today stems from a pagan model put into place by Emperor Constantine and Augustine of the 4th & 5th century. I am more convinced that "home church" was really the original model incorporated by the apostles. There is no "head" of a home church, but rather we have elders who teach, but we recognize there is but one "leader" (head) of the Church and that is Jesus. Jesus came to abolish the system of so called spiritual "leaders", in the sense of one central person whom people look to for all of their spiritual knowledge or leadership. Jesus came that we ALL might become priests of God:

Rev. 1:6 and He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father--to Him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever Amen.

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