November 22, 2007


I must admit that I got this video from another blog, but it was just too funny to pass up. This video says a lot in a humorous way. So many of our ills and problems could be solved if we would just take the simple advice of this video. It reminds me when I hear from people that says "I just can't stop sinning in my life". The fact is we have all been created with a will and yes beyond what is often preached by the church, we do have the ability to control ourselves.

This reminds me of a story a friend of mine once told me. He was discussing with a guy about the problem of sin. This person had told him he just couldn't stop himself from sinning everyday. My friend then asked him "If I took your son or daughter and held a gun to his or her head and threatened to kill them if you sinned in 24 hrs period do you think could go a whole day without sinning?" the person replied "Yes I think I could do that". My friend then replied "Then you don't have a "sin" problem you have a motivation problem. How much more motivation do you need other than the Son of God hanging and dying on a cross for you?"

stop it

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