November 18, 2007

A New Kind of Praise & Worship??

I just had to post this video! At first I thought this had to be a joke! But yes this is a Praise and Worship band playing AC/DC "Hell Bell's" in a church service . The first couple of minutes of the video shows just who in fact AC/DC really is (for those of you who were not a metal head like me growing up) and then it will show you the actual church video. The guilty party here is New Spring Church in Greenville, SC - another Mega Church that has taken the motto - "If it works for the world then why not try it at the church!" When will this sort of thing stop!??


Anonymous said...

Jesus said if they do it in my name - leave them alone. I don't think you're their judge but He is. So how many people is your church reaching?

Preston N said...

Based upon your comment we can assume three things:

1. According to you as long as the church does something in Jesus name then ANYTHING goes in order to save the lost. If this is true then why not serve alcohol or have strippers in church services? Surely this too will bring in hordes of sinners to your church? The problem with this statement is its false - Please quote me scripture and verse where it says that as long as we say its in "Jesus name" its OK to use it to save the lost!??

2. Your claiming that Christians are not allow to judge others. This too is a false statement. Clearly Paul judged the church of Ephesus and the church of Corinth because he had heard and observed that they were doing things unacceptable before the Lord. Again, as Christian we are to stay alert and judge false teaching and sinful behavior within the church.

3. Your statement "so how many is your church reaching?" is based upon a worldly standard - your assuming what matters most to God is the quantity of the number that attend a church. Again, back up your accusation with Scripture. Where does it ever say in the Word of God that what matters most to God is the "number" of attendees every Sunday? Instead we see what truly matters to the Lord is the quality or the depth of faith one has in Him. Your church could have 1000 members and if only 10 of them have a saving faith - then what good are the 990 to the Lord. Instead they will most likely perish.

Your response proves my point in showing this video - the church is producing weak and feeble believers who are more about bringing in numbers than building up Godly men and women. I pray that the Holy Spirit would illuminate your mind and that you would receive His wisdom and truth in this matter my friend. Please know that this type of abomination is not at all pleasing or is worshipful to the Lord!