November 12, 2007

Emerging Into What?

Lately it seems like the latest buzz word in the church movement is the "Emerging or Emergent Church Movement". As I had posted previously this weekend, we are beginning to see the horrific results the"Seeker Sensitive" model has produced. So in their great wisdom, men have once again went to reinventing the gospel. Men like Mark Driscoll, Rob Bell, and Donald Miller are at the epicenter of this so called movement of God. What is it they believe in you may ask? The only problem is they themselves aren't really sure what they believe in. For you see the Emerging Church movement is one that mixes Post-modernism and Christianity (I realize this is such a contradiction - but that's my point here!). To give you just a sample of the great next apostasy here is a sample of what we can expect in the very near future.


Tony M said...

Preston, I can't seem to view the movie - all I get is a blank screen w/ "Current_" and the "_" is flashing. Is there another link to where we can view this one? Thanks!

Preston N said...

Tony - not sure why its not working. My apologies. Here is the actual link to view the video: