November 17, 2007

God is an ATM??

Everyday that goes by I am amazed at what is being preached in the pulpits of churches! Is it any wonder we have more churches in the history of our country, but yet we are seeing our culture slide more and more into a pit of immorality. Why you may ask?? Because the church has become prostituted out to the world. It is failing to save the lost any longer. Instead of preaching to save sinners, we are preaching to attract sinners - how does one do this? Preach a message that will attract selfish hearted men, a message that speaks their language - "me" centered.


JayBird's Joint said...

Ha.....Prosperity preaching,..does more damage than good. The Bible speaks very negative about the rich and money. It Rarely speaks of any Good of money.
I wonder why The disciples and apostles were broke and martyred.
Even Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, took a vow of poverty.

Also, If is wasn't broke I probably wouldn't trust the Lord so much.....

Preston N said...

I agree, it seems whenever I get too much it just becomes another distraction in my life. As I get older I see what Jesus meant by how difficult it would be for the Rich man to enter into the Kingdom - impossible no, but difficult yes.