November 14, 2007

To be like a child....

Over the past couple of days our son has been sick. But you would never know it by talking with him that he is even remotely sick or under the weather. His demeanor and attitude is really an inspiration to me. For him life couldn't be better - even though his little body has a pretty tough infection. Simply put - he is happy and content with life.

Instead all that matters to him is going to school, playing, and just being with either his friends or family. Last night I watched him lay on the couch and from time to time he would wimper about the pain in his ears, but never once was he whiney or would he become overly annoyed with his infirmity....instead he just wanted to love on his mom and dad. He would get up and get in my wifes lap and snuggle. For him at that very moment he was happy as he could be. I thought to myself this is really what God wants to see in my own life. That whenever I am confronted with pain, disease, stress, sadness, in my life that I am not allowing that to spoil the most wonderful thing and that is loving God and others. No matter how difficult things may get, I just want to jump into my heavenly Fathers lap and hear him say "Trust in me, I am greater than all these things!" To trust in my heavenly Father is such a wonderful thing. To know that the Creator of Life desires fellowship and communion with one of his created beings is just such an amazing thing to me! I just can't express with words how truly amazing this is!

I hope that I can take the attitude that my 5 year old son has and apply that to my own life. Real happiness and contentment is being in sweet fellowship with our benevolent God!

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